September started, whole lot of rain and wind is coming, and with them new job opportunities in the Balkans. This weather is perfect for focusing back on your career. We are bringing you the newest wave of opened positions in the field of marketing. Brace your CVs!

1. Degordian is looking for Marketing Design Intern. Deadline for the application is: 14.09.2016. Place of employment is Belgrade. Perfect for marketing students striving for a career in that field, with good knowledge of English, graphic design, etc. Full info here.


2. Degordian  is looking for Community Management Intern. Deadline for the application is 19. 09. 2016. Place of employment is Mostar. Another great opportunity for marketing students with high interests in social media. Full info here.


3. OMR Globus d.o.o. is looking for Market Research Project Manager. Deadline for the application is 19. 09. 2016. Place of employment is B&H. For this position it is preferable to have a bachelor degree in marketing, statistics, economics or related fields, excellent communication skills, strong teamwork ethics, etc. Full info here.


4. Coca Cola Hellenic is looking for Marketing Supervisor for sparkling drinks. Deadline for application is 15. 09. 2016. Place of employment is Belgrade. Requirements include university degree, advanced English, advanced MS Office, etc. Full info here.


5. CCBill SRB is looking for Marketing Specialist. Deadline for application is 5. 10. 2016. Place of employement is Novi Sad/Belgrade. For this position you will need Bachelors degree in design, marketing, advertising or similar areas, 2 years of experience in marketing, etc. Full info here.


6. Foreo is looking for E-Commerce Specialist. Deadline for application is 30. 09. 2016. Place of employment is Zagreb. You are the right candidate if you posses strong sales skills, analytical and Excel skills, etc. Full info here.


These are not the only positions that are available. For full list of vacant jobs please feel free to visit and You might find exactly what you are looking for.

After you are done looking, make sure you prepare yourself properly for the interview. This video  with tips on common interview questions might help you with that.

Good luck!