It has been a while since I was last time analyzing some marketing campaign (recall the latest: Social Campaign – Applause for Kriva Reka, Applause for JDPSomeone has Issues with Ethics in Marketing etc.).  But for today’s topic I found one out-of-the box approach by VIP mobile Serbia. The marketing campaign that might be a solid foundations of new ways to reach clients/customers.

Marketing Campaign

So let’s roll. Mobile operator in Serbia decided to go on a rather unexplored and brave way down the street. Namely, with creative support of Leo Burnett (it’s Belgrade branch) they decided to launch a marketing campaign promoting their ultra fast 4G internet and network. But not an ordinary one.

Creative agency, came with an unorthodox idea to use so-called “brzalice” (eng. tongue twisters) in order to communicate their message and product properly to the target market. More about the product itself here.

Hereafter are some basic remarks:

  1. Basically, the span of clients VIP tries to reach with this funny approach is rather very broad (students, youngsters, retiree, working class etc) . This might be problematic, as the understanding of the campaign might deviate and vary among these separate groups. Ultimately resulting in message not delivered properly.
  2. Beside first point, it is a remarkable approach to the potential clients. We usually don’t see much of creative, funny and viral marketing campaigns at the same time. VIP was brave enough to come up with something that is widely known (brzalice), is associated with having good time and joy. I guess the message, campaign should communicate, should be like this: “Whilst using our super fast 4G at your home, you definitely would be able to do all you need online and feel tremendous joy cause no problems have been experienced whatsoever“.
  3. By playing on card of joy and peacefulness, VIP tries to establish deeper and emotional bond between them and clients. This way, company would established very positive and solid image and reputation, which is further a trigger of virality and word of mouth. Very well played in a long run.
  4. Although, the campaign itself is very sophisticated (regardless of simple and funny appearance) it misses one very important part in the whole puzzle. No call to action to boost user generated content. By making clients or ordinary public trying those twisters and than sharing their videos, graphs and content marketing campaign would have far greater organic reach. Interesting article here in this regard. This is the biggest setback and miss of campaign.
  5. Just a few additional hints: it would be better to target retirees and middle aged individuals (since most of household’s decisions have been triggered in Serbia by those – delayed separation from family), tongue twisters are very rare among youngsters nowadays – better to approach them via apps like Snapchat, Instagram etc.

All in all, I am free to say that we have witnessed something completely new on Balkan marketing horizon. The appearance of this marketing campaign might impose that the idea behind is not well worked out, but this is definitely not the case. VIP together with Leo Burnett did a great job. Thumbs up.

After all, this is not the first time VIP is taking an unorthodox paths to reach their target markets.

Marketing Campaign

Stay cool and tuned, new stories around the corner.
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