has been up and running for some time already and we do owe our deepest appreciation to our readers at first. However, in order to see what you are seeing now and being able to follow us, share us, like us and having us present online, we do owe a lot to an amazing background work done by the team of young, dedicated individuals in charge of our online presentation – DigiMark.

There is a significant question regarding the importance of online presentation. Internet campaigns are present and certainly will be the future. There are some statistical data that show numbers and reveal the mysterious influence of the internet. 97% of companies have internet access, while 85% of them have their own internet web page out of which 43% receive orders online. These numbers are quite high. Therefore, the need for internet platform placement has become imperative nowadays. As M- Factor has been striving to professional delivery of the Balkan marketing stories, we do have our wizard who is doing some magic behind the scenes.

digimark logo official#digimark logo

Digimark is the professional service firm that has been established few months ago, by two highly educated young individuals from the field of marketing with the special focus in several areas:

  • Social media marketing;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Content marketing and
  • Market research.

The core of the business is providing the support in the placement on social networks, creative and executive solutions for digital campaigns and consulting services. This type of business is highly knowledge- intensive, because it requires the combination of both, soft and technical skills.

The comprehensive understanding of the core business is explained by their mission statement which is further translated from Serbian in full: “DigiMark is particularly focused on development and implementation of online marketing strategies and tactics for both SMEs and individuals who want to make their virtual presentation unique, creative and effective. Taking into consideration the financial aspect of running the business, Digimark is one of the least expensive and the most flexible in its field of interest.”

More information could be found on their website: Currently, the website is in Serbian language only, but any questions could be addressed to Digimark or M-Factor team directly.

Digimark is one of the examples how passion can be turned into an extraordinary service delivery in both professional and friendly context.

Thank you, Digimark, for keeping the M-Factor magic alive. 🙂