One of the movie posters/advertisements that has found its place in M-Rewind originates from Macedonia. Have a look at the Macedonian poster and go back to the past where you imagine being in 1952 in Ohrid, a picturesque city ones called “the Jerusalem of the Balkans”.

macedonian poster

In 1952 we could expect minimalist design of an advertising billboard. Interesting is to compare movie posters nowadays and back then. Difference is more than obvious, but can poster really say anything about the quality of the movie? Have we shifted the focus from the quality to pure commercialism and do our advertisement campaigns follow that practice?

For those more curious, few facts about the film itself.

In “Frosina” in front of the camera for the first time appeared Meri Boshkova, Aco Jovanovski, Ljupka Djundeva, Ilija Djuvalekovski, Petre Prlichko and many Macedonian actors who had big film careers later.

“Frosina” (1952) is also the first feature film realization for the first and for a long time the only producing house in Macedonia – “Vardar-Film” – producing house celebrating 65 years of its existence.

Credits for the poster go to Vintage Balkans.