One pretty bright and good news is coming directly from the most southern state of ex Yugoslav state, Macedonia. It is however strange why it took so long for this step to get performed but anyway if we go after wide-accepted folk’s proverbs it is “better sometime than never” it makes great sense. Of course this poor translation might not bring you the exact context and meaning but in the rest of the article I will try to do my best and be more concise and comprehensive. Good luck with that.



Namely, several Macedonia advertising agencies met each other and decided that some sort of chamber/association should be formed in order to stand out in front of all engaged agencies and represent Macedonian advertising industry abroad. So far total of 10 agencies have taken part in this effort. Their names are: Media Advertising, Low Swing Macedonia, The Republic, TDM Communications, Medica.Com, Grey Worldwide, Optimum Music Media, Gaus Poll, Media Plan, Four Elements.

The official name of the chamber goes as “Macedonia Advertising Agencies Associations” or shorter MARA in Macedonian language. Since the chamber itself is not organized to be a “dead ink on a paper” it has several main objectives which are to be achieved in the following period. Or at least to put an effort achieving them. Some of them are as proclaimed on the initial conference:

  1. Overall protection of interests of advertising agencies within Macedonia;
  2. To establish tender’s rulez;
  3. To represent Macedonian agencies on fair, conferences and seminars etc.

Although a bit delayed the foundation of this association is a huge and brave step ahead. I am very sure that this is going to strengthen and tighten the cooperation between aforementioned agencies since they are going to use overall synergy effects and share experiences.

Stronger Together - Lifting the Words


Thumbs up from M – Factor Crew for the initiative. We are going to be first to update you here on any news coming from the south neighbours. Stay cool.