By A.Krajina
Pozarevac, Serbia

Since we have been trying to make perfect combinations here, we cannot mention Eurokrem Takovo without following it with Bambi Plazma. A certain thing is that every Eurokrem-Plazma-combination-addict (we know there are many of you out there!) will give us thumbs up for this.

It is absolutely unbelievable how one particular product, that has been initially designed for kids, fits all generations in the easiest way possible. Wondering why?

Plazma tastes like home. No matter where you are or how far you go. Plus, in the adults world, it gives you few minutes to go back to your childhood. Isn’t it precious?

It has been growing up with us for all these years. Older generation still recalls the old ad, but we are bringing the new one as well, for those a bit younger.
Enjoy, and if you are lucky enough, go get that Plazma and mix it with Eurokrem and cheer for this week’s M-Rewind!