A. Krajina
Karlovac, Croatia

This article has a goal to make you travel in time next time you take a sip of the highly consumed and beloved beverage, her majesty- the beer.

Today, M- Factor is bringing you the label designed by Ozeha long time ago (obviously) for famous Karlovačko porter beer, Karlovac Brewery, currently owned by Heineken.

Porter beer label

Porter beer label

To accomplish the educational purpose (correct, there is an education behind the article about beer!) of our blog, let’s play with facts.

– The oldest evidences originate from 4000 BC in the form of carving in the rocks, which showed that Sumerians in Mesopotamia brew beer;
– The beer was mentioned in the first written legal code- Code of Hammurabi, where it was elaborated under three points and highlighted as energizer;
– The women were forbidden to enter brewery as guests by the Code. If she did, she had to be burned;
– There are more than 40 000 beer types in the world;
– Every beer should have a fitting and unique glass.

The beer article + Friday knocking on the doors = friends, pub and beer on Friday night. Cheers! Živjeli!

* Historical facts taken from: http://oblizeki.com/svako-pivo-ima-svoju-pricu-svojeg-pilca-i-svoje-jelo-2234  *all rights reserved