By D. Mladenović
Zagreb, Croatia

As we dig deeper using our old pal Google to back us up, we are getting astonished how amazing pieces worth mentioning indeed exists in Balkans. Today I am bringing to the surface a successful start-up from Croatian region of Slavonia.

Namely, Slavonian based winery, Matković, launched brand new chain of wines recently. Since it was new on the market it required strong marketing effort to make a breakthrough. Exclusively for this purpose they engaged Zagreb based advertising agency Senor. Together, they made extraordinary step catching vast of attention in the region.

The aim was to keep it simple and to use folks proverbs in a proper manner. And they succeeded. Big time succeeded indeed. Anyway, enough chat so you could have a look and make your own conclusion. Enjoy the simplicity and uniquiness.

Pictures property of Vinarija Matkovic & Senor.