Belgrade/Prague, Serbia/Czech Republic

Another proof that standing out means being different and very often even shocking comes straight from Belgrade streets (again?). Before we present you the M- Factor of this week, think about the following: is the teleportation possible? If you have had any doubts, red further.

What if one day you go to your favorite pub and realize that you are in a different city, people speak the language which you cannot understand and suddenly…

In the marketing world, this is called PR stunt- planned event with the aim to trigger attention. If it goes viral, the reach can be tremendous. This unusual event for Apatin brewery was realized by Pioniri Communications. (Applause)

Due to this extraordinary, fun and shocking (to certain extent) marketing idea, Apatin brewery and its brand Staropramen fit perfectly in our frames for M-Factor of the week.


Na zdraví!

*All rights reserved by Apatin Brewery and Staropramen.