By D. Mladenović
Belgrade, Serbia

Without any intention to exaggerate, this news literally made my day when I went through it. For those of you knowing me, this means that I am going to come up with something stunning. And it is indeed true.


Taxi Drama – results

Do you remember an outstanding viral campaign “Taxi Drama”? If not, this is a portion of the campaign just to refresh your member before we proceed further.

Better? Seems familiar? All in all, this campaign is listed within the final stage of World’s Best Advertisers – New York Festivals which is the most prestigious event in the branch since 1957. Do I have to mention the modest fact that this campaign is only one that made it so far from ex yu area? Furthermore, do we have to consider fierce competition from well-developed countries?

The success is participating in the conference itself, and fact that camping made it so far is showing us the creative potential of the McCann Belgrade.

Our deepest support goes to the campaign creative team for the upcoming event in the New York.