By D. Mladenović
Belgrade, Serbia

Once more we are getting an astonishing piece of guerilla art from the McCann’s kitchen. This time Belgrade’s branch took care to deliver a unique, creative and remarkable message to the pedestrians and wider public in Serbia.

Namely, creative team came up with the campaign named “Take a Deep Breath”. On one of the biggest, most frequent and therefore most air-polluted streets in Belgrade, a big white cotton lungs has been placed. During the course of next ten days, lungs turned from snowy white to greyish color which further generated tremendous PR buzz over the whole campaign raising the environmental questions, as well. Worth mentioning is that media covered story fully and daily referring to “Lungs of Our City”.


Take a Deep Breath

On the very last day of the whole campaign, inscription has been revealed “Take a Deep Breath, MK Mountain Resort Kopaonik”. Only than the public realised that the whole scenery was prepared in order to advertise MK Resort Kopaonik.

Picture courtesy of MK Resort & McCann Erickson Belgrade.