One does not have to be super-intelligent and marketing guru to figure out, that perfect decoy for attracting attention is to create and push advertisements which brings dose of sexuality on the surface. Especially if you intend to attract youngsters. This “tool” has been deployed from the very beginning of the market economy reasoning –  so, since the beginning of the human kind.

Today’s story has been brought up by Vip Mobile – mobile operator in Serbia and wider in the region. Within wider set of promo activities this company launched one which literate translation goes as follows: Certain things you do only while young. By this campaign they are targeting younger steak of population directly flashing them in the eyes with the following picture:


Furthermore, full promotional video:

Some discussions arose online about the “suitability” of the sexy commercial and the possible future effect it might have onto the youth. However, hard-line of the public concluded that this commercial explicitly direct young generation into undesirable direction (whatever is that suppose to mean)?

All in all, we believe that Vip’s commercial is definitely going viral and getting to the population intended to achieve. These are the reasons why it got M – Factor title for the ongoing week.

Video and picture property of VIP.