Recently Montenegro airlines, flag carrier of the Republic of Montenegro, partly painted its aircrafts with Dukley garden’s promo massage and logos. In total six planes got partially new livery. Beside exterior repainting, they also went further with aggressive advertisements covering certain interior areas of the cabin (e.g. cassettes, seats, flyers etc.). So far no other airline took this course of action in the region. However, the question arose if this move is desperate try to gain some more revenue (due to overall negative conjecture in aviation industry), or it is carefully planned marketing action with future consequences.

Either one way or another, mngt has made one of a kind flying billboards that have not been seen in the region so far.

When it comes to the costs of such a advertisements, it goes without saying that the advertising price is very affordable even for the smaller and not strong financially backed companies. For example (exterior logo on plane’s fuselage – monthly payment 2000 euros per aircraft,  whole fleet rebrand 7000 euros per month etc.)

Following pictures should bring more sense to this story.

Picture credits fully go to Montenegro Airlines, Filip_Pg, AerMedia.