By D. Mladenović
Belgrade, Serbia

When speaking about Serbia, it does not happen that often (unfortunately) that some marketing campaign caused wow-reaction in the public and on the spot viewers. This so-called wow effect appeared intentionally while Serbian based mineral-water manufacturer Knjaz Miloš launched its latest piece of guerilla art on the streets of Belgrade.


Official Logo

The name of the agency that stands behind the performance is being kept in secrecy, for some reason. Furthermore, the official name of the campaign is “Mineralization of Serbia” with a clear message to draw public attention about importance of minerals on our organisms.

To cut the long story short, you are welcome to have a brief view how that looked like in real:

However this is not the first time that Company is using this eye-catchy tactics. Celebrating the jubilee (200 years of existence) Knjaz Miloš deployed obviously the same agency to put its fingerprints in the whole story.

Videos are property of Knjaz Miloš ltd.