By D. Mladenović
Sarajevo, BiH

Everyone of us is very well of apple cider Somersby, named after Lord Somersby as a matter of fact. The cider itself is becoming quite popular onto Balkans, especially in hot summer months. For the purpose of raising brand awareness the Company employed well-known creative agency McCann Sarajevo.


The agency came up with never seen and implemented tactic and campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Namely they made a tour around the state throughout Banja Luka, Mostar, Bijeljina, Neum and Sarajevo in order to promote the brand and get in touch with a final customers. Spectators even had a chance to try some of the costumes strongly associated with historical persons.

Final venue took place in Sarajevo during the Sarajevo Film Festival. Literally open-air party has been organized on Eiffel bridge in Skenderija, downtown Sarajevo attracting locals and tourist to participate and try out cider.

Videos and pictures property of McCann Sarajevo.