By D.Mladenović
Belgrade, Serbia

It is already very well-known that McCann advertising agency provides us with extraordinary guerilla examples all over the region. Let me just remind you of some. Guerilla with a Style in Skopje than in Tirana we all witnessed even more remarkable story of Respect the Living, Too. Furthermore in Belgrade during the hot summer months we saw Take a Deep Breath campaign that was a real blast of success.

Anyway, this time from Belgrade’s branch we are getting one more very creative and unique piece of advertising art. Namely, for the client (FIt Curves – globally recognized fitness enterprise) agency decided to use one of the poles which is originally intended for posters to be hanged on. Over time these polles get so massive that at one point they start to be even funny and needless to say very attractive in a strange manner.

Agency noted this trend and made a wise decision to use it while promoting its client, literally for no money. One more time it is obvious that good idea overran the monetary aspect of the whole story. Anyway you are more than welcome to have a look how did it look in real. Official slogan is: “Poll After Training” alluding that pole got slimmer thereby directly pointing to its client, Fit Curves. Amazing, isnt it?


Picture is property of McCann Belgrade.