By D. Mladenović
Zagreb, Croatia

As we were expecting in some way, the IKEA opening in Croatian capital last year pushed the boundaries in communication with media and wider public. Namely IKEA local management deployed Zagreb based agency I TO NIJE SVE! in order to come up with a unique and catchy way to draw necessary public attention.


IKEA Zagreb

Firstly they started with incredible guerilla style marketing in the middle of the town. So-called IKEA box was specially designed and located on Cvjetni trg in Zagreb, so the pedestrian could familiarize themselves with IKEA brand and its Zagreb store. Have a look in a gallery.


The agency succeeded to attract public’s attention throughout short video filmed exclusively for this purpose inviting press and media to cover the event.

Moreover during the course of December the Agency created and spread one more video dedicated to IKEA brand and fully covering Christmas holidays.

Pictures and videos property of IKEA Croatia and I TO NIJE SVE! Creative Agency