By D. Mladenović
Belgrade, Serbia

Usually during the holidays people tend to relax and to expect something completely unexpected to appear. Most of the time very minor and small things, events and situations brings the happiness and “happy faces” all over the place.



During the recent festive days Amstel Serbia contributed a bit to the overall rhapsody and jubilance in Serbian capital – Belgrade, to be more specific one of its shopping malls Delta City. The official name of the event goes as ”You are about to win if you slow down a bit”. Namely the company’s marketing department decided to step away and further to amuse small portion of population lucky to be on the right spot at a right time. However without any intention to make this article boring we are passing you the video that is going to elaborate what was the event all about.

We strongly hope that this news amused you at least a bit. For more cool news and updates stay tuned.

Video is property of Amstel Serbia.