By D. Mladenović
Skopje, Macedonia

It is rather very rare and hard to notice pure guerilla marketing examples in Balkan states. For such a conclusion one does not have to be marketing guru or super intelligent individual. However certain encouraging trend does exist.

Today’s story takes us to Macedonia, more specific – to its capital Skopje. Nobody knows if it was the real intention of official Mercedes-Benz dealer for Macedonia to make such a promotion or it was just random occasion without any deliberate efforts. Or moreover, if it was somehow connected with 1st of April joke day. It’s up to any of us to understand this picture in his/her own way.


Mercedes Promotion in Skopje Downtown


All in all, we have to admit that this kind of explicit and aggressive promotion striking directly at your main competitors we have not seen so far in the region. Maybe this is the reason why it got so much attention in Macedonia.

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