By D. Mladenović
Podgorica, Montenegro

A while ago, we were writing about unique way that Montenegro airlines developed in order to gain some funds beside its main business area. Hereby we are coming up with one more example involving aforementioned company.

It is however unclear to us or to wider public if the intention was existing or it was spontaneous (which is even worse). Namely within the MA in-flight magazine the childish and rather unprofessional mistake appeared during the translation. For more details you are very welcome to have a look onto following picture.

There could be two scenarios explaining the situation. First one could be that it is simply an error that occurred while using some translation engine (e.g. Google Translate etc.). This scenario is dramatically r since this sort of cheap mistakes are literally ruining the Company’s reputation. A top of all, in the times when the severe competition is knocking on the door.
Secondly, it could be that PR department decided to launch it deliberately in order to get free-of-charge mouth-to-mouth based publicize.


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The line between two scenarios is rather shady and inconsistent so we are letting you to draw your own conclusion. For the sake of professionalism and good business ethics M – Factor crew tends to believe that second scenario overran the first one.

Picture credits goes to salle2 at SkyscraperCity forum.