According to the unwritten rule in bloggers world, after a while one is supposed to sum up and do a brief overview of the articles that he wrote. Hereby it is my pleasure to go through ten different marketing stories within the M – Factor of the Week section of the blog. First of all let me please remind you of the original aim of the section:

M-Factors of the weeks will be chosen to represent the best campaigns, advertisements, strategies, plans, billboards and all those fancy outcomes the marketing brings to life.

Now, sit back and enjoy.

  1. Sarajevo ‘84

For the lucky generations to remember the “good times”, and us less lucky ones to find what out what our parents have been talking about all these years..

  1. Montenegrin flying billboards

Recently Montenegro airlines, flag carrier of the Republic of Montenegro, partly painted its aircrafts with Dukley garden’s promo massage and logos

  1. Sexy and Catchy – Vip Mobile

One does not have to be super-intelligent and marketing guru to figure out, that perfect decoy for attracting attention is to create and push advertisements which brings dose of sexuality on the surface.

  1. Invest in Macedonia. Going Aggressive?

It goes rather without saying that from the whole bunch of EX-Yu countries, Macedonia (or to be politically correct and prevent misunderstandings of any kind, FYR Macedonia) is doing quite a good job in promoting itself to the business world as “investor friendly” environment.

  1. SOS Post-distress – Balkan Way

As huge majority of us is aware the devastating floods that struck already economically politically well-behind region in the Europe, brought on the surface something that no one expected, frankly to say.

  1. Respect the Living. Too.

It seems that all around the Balkan no one cares about the so-called “zebras” (pedestrian crossings).

  1. Guerilla with a Style

It is rather very rare and hard to notice pure guerilla marketing examples in Balkan states.

  1. Epic Fail or Brave Ingenuity?

A while ago, we were writing about unique way that Montenegro airlines developed in order to gain some funds beside its main business area. Hereby we are coming up with one more example involving aforementioned company.

  1. No Violence During Holidays

There is something extraordinary and of significant importance coming directly from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

Once more we are getting an astonishing piece of guerilla art from the McCann’s kitchen. This time Belgrade’s branch took care to deliver a unique, creative and remarkable message to the pedestrians and wider public in Serbia.

You are welcome to take your time and go gently through this summary. More examples are about to come, already tomorrow. Stay tuned.

M – Factor crew