Dear all,

Recently, during the friendly brainstorming session, my friend and I came up with exotic idea of launching specialised blog which would cover hot marketing topics. Primarily, we will take into consideration EX- Yu states and Balkan region as such. Our old pal Google backed us up with constructive information which we took into consideration while developing the initial spark for the blog.

We are going to strive to deliver information regarding green marketing, viral marketing, guerilla marketing, neuromarketing, advertising etc. as much as we can. We are going to dig up and dig for effective marketing campaigns which date back into some happier times, as well.

Although it sounds tempting and exhausting to manage blog, beside all daily tasks we are performing, we firmly believe that running such a blog is definitely feasible and manageable. Moreover, we are going to give our best to update you regularly on the most interesting topics that come up.

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Welcome and enjoy,
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