It may seem that as soon as the product reaches the shelf the hardest part has been done. However, it is indeed quite opposite. Marketers and retailers can influence anything that is happening up to the point the product is available for customers. From the idea, strategy, planning, campaign, acting and testing, all steps can be narrowed down into details and imperfections can be fixed. Hereby we talk about so-called data collection.

However, how to narrow down the mind of the shopper? Sounds impossible? Let us tell you the secret- it is.

Incredibility and complexity of consumers’ brains makes it a grey area not only for retailer and marketers, but for scientists as well. Whatever is predicted about consumer behavior, can be easily turned down by exception which is inevitable when it comes to humans. Nevertheless, marketers and retailers have managed to make certain patterns, to help understanding minds of shoppers, thus creating the science. This science has brought some interesting statistics on surface while observing and researching the lost opportunities retailers face every day. Take a glance at the following table to acquire small portion of those:

data collection

Source: Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing, H. Sorensen, pg.9

All these statistics did not fall out of the sky and served on a plate for both marketers and retailers. Information is the ultimate aim of all market researchers. It has been a great challenge to reach the target market and collect as much data as possible from customer so the valid conclusions can be brought to the surface. We have a vast of examples of how to use the opportunities of modern ages for this particular purpose. One of them comes from the Croatia under the pseudonym Imago advertising agency.

data collection imago

Imago advertising agency

In 2013, Imago started the online platform for market research. The project under the name “Parpitanja” merged the updated, online-active consumer and the core of marketing a.k.a. information. Unfortunately for our non- Croatian- speaking readers, this web page is only in Croatian language.

The principle is easy: users sign up to the web page, answer the questions and get some symbolic prize for participating. This brilliant idea follows the speed by which the information is needed nowadays and as director of the agency Damir Ciglar pointed out: “It is important to know what customers think, feel, to meet both their behaviors and habits…”

Why do not use the digital era advantages and make the best of it on behalf of marketing and retailing?

Keep up with good work, Imago! We will keep an eye on all the creative ideas coming. And for all our readers interested in their work, please follow the links in the article.

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