It is hard to stay positive and motivated in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to continue pursuing your dreams. Phrases like “You came back? From EU? Are you crazy?” are something to get used to. It gets tiring. Until you meet other, young people who decided to stay, work and strive for more. This is how I met Lejla Šehić, a girl who did not need others to tell her she should pursue a career in marketing. From a young age, she wanted to be in front of people, to present, to be heard.When I first met her she was working as a project assistant for CEO Conference and I had never thought we would end up being colleagues. She is only 22 and already has a list of projects behind her, an amazing network of people, great energy, and without a doubt an amazing marketing career in her future. Every day she has another eMarketer article, or a new webinar and Google course to share with me, so I decided I would give her a chance to share her thoughts and insights with BMS readers.

Lejla Šehić
1. Marketing seems to be an important part of you. When did you actually decide you want a career in marketing?

Somehow I always had a feeling that my professional path is going to take me to marketing. Maybe because I always had a perspective of how things around me supposed to be presented, even since I was a little. I remember that when I was 10, I pretended to be Shakira’s manager, organizing her concerts, reading articles about her to my friends and family – haha, so young and still knew!

2. Tell me about your previous experiences and projects. Which ones changed your perspectives and brought you to where you are now?

I had the opportunity to gain experience by working with amazing people on inspiring projects. I like to say that my current know-how is a product of ups and downs of involvement in different industries, tasks, and responsibilities. Radio-TV production and presentation from high school period gave me a lot of self-confidence to start building marketing career. Later on, I got involved with one of the most recognizable Balkan brands – EXIT festival, which opened a door for making contacts and working with talented, young individuals from the whole region. CEO Conference was a highlight of my last two years, and I am very proud that I have been a part of the team who was building a story that will soon outgrow the region.

3. We have covered CEO Conference in our previous articles, how did it affect you? What do you think about the project in general? 

The conference gave me an idea of how does real business work and was perhaps the most important step in building my career. I worked as a Project Assistant and had a chance to be involved with all managing processes, contact with speakers, sponsors, partners, universities, and most importantly – the team of young students from B&H, Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro. The project itself is a response to the need of young individuals from the whole region to find motivation and inspiration for building themselves, both professionally and personally. As such, it represents a massive potential, and I believe that the people who are now in it are going to build it even more.


4. You are still really young, but you manage to juggle with studies and working. Are you where you want to be in life, at this point?

You mean at the beach with a cocktail in my hand? Just kidding – I am certainly not at the point where I want to be. Professionally, I have a lot to learn and mature in the industry where I find myself belonging. Currently, I work at eMediaPatch, company with NY origin but based in Sarajevo and I’m very happy. Global digital media campaigns, clients from all parts of US – it is, for now, a dream job! In a couple of years, though, I see myself managing a serious, global clients from here – maybe even starting my own consulting business, who knows!

5. You are currently studying and working in Sarajevo. Do you plan on staying in Sarajevo/Balkans? 

I do. Even though it is messy, sometimes terribly wrong and unfair to all of us – It’s mine and I feel that I belong here. I plan on going elsewhere; learning, seeing, but getting back is also part of the deal.

6. Everybody is talking about future of Bosnia and Herzegovina from different aspects. Do you see a good future of marketing in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Marketing has a bright future globally, everywhere and under any circumstance. There will always be a plenty of products, ideas, services that will seek for a consumer’s attention – and the only way to get it is a great implementation of marketing ideas. Bosnia and Herzegovina is therefore not an exception.


7. You already said you have a lot of ambitions for the future. What are your next steps towards those goals?

Completing my Master studies is a priority for me. I’m in love with research. If my time lets me, I will get into some serious writing in the following period for sure. Staying at eMediaPatch and being in a team who leads innovations in digital media advertising is also where I see myself in the next period.

8. As this article says, this should be a daily dose of marketing inspiration. Can you recommend us an article/paper/ research that inspired you recently?

eMarketer articles are definitely on my weekly must-read list! They offer a great insight on what is new in digital media and organize webinars on hot industry topics. For those who are into digital marketing, besides a quick check on eMarketer, I would truly recommend “Perspectives on social media and its use by key account managers” by Sylvie Lacoste from Leonardo Da Vinci University. 

It is always good to see that there are still optimistic and hard working young people willing to change the situation in the Balkans. Lejla Šehić is only one example. BMS team wishes her luck in all her future endeavors! Till our next dose of inspiration make sure to check ut articles she suggested. We are sure it will be worth your time!

Stay tuned for more interesting stories!