As a logical continuation of last year’s very successful one-day event, “m:ts Noć reklamoždera” (La Nuit des Publivores) is coming up this November at a full throttle with even more stunning advertising content. For a brief overview how it looked like last year you can check out this awesome place.

La Nuit des Publivores

For all of you interested in event, the venue will be traditionally the same – Sava Center, and the culmination in form of event will take place at the end of November. To be more specific 28th of November starting from 8.30pm and with a follow-up party included. For all of you interested in attending you can early book your tickets online through Event tim and DDTickets. Price of the ticket is as low as 600RSD, which made it even more attractive.

Hereby are some of the videos which highlighted the event in the recent years:

Year 2008 > Pionir – O la la

Year 2009> Telekom – U vezi  sa vama

Year 2010> Perfex – Pače ide u grad

Year 2011> Državna Lutrija Srbije – Sastanak sa srećom

Year 2012> Grand kafa – Šoljice

Last year’s winner was Marbo Product ad, with its unisex commercial.

Hopefully you liked our flashback. Meanwhile, you can even vote for your favourite commercial via official web-site. You can vote every day only once. Thumbs up for you favourite video and idea. We will keep you tuned regarding any developing. Crew