Last year we have been reporting on an outstanding event in Teheran. The event that has been fully organized and set in place by Skopje based The PWorld agency – first ever agency to operate in Iran. This caught public’s attention big time. This is one of the many reasons why I got in touch with founder and CEO- Kosta Petrov. These are his thoughts.

Kosta Petrov

  1.     What were your initial intentions when founding P World and what is P World exactly doing?We were always very clear about we want to do with P World. We wanted to create an agency that would bring global expertise to the world’s most exciting markets. Before we launched the company, the world’s biggest global business events were happening in London, Paris and New York. Today, you can hear the world’s most innovative business minds in places like Baku, Tehran, Almaty, Marrakech, Cairo and Doha.
  2.     Do you find P World unique in Balkans (ex-yu)? If yes, why?We definitely are. We are based in Skopje and we run a global business in 30 countries across four continents from our office in Skopje. It is really fascinating when you think about it. Most of the companies in Macedonia that were doing international business before us were part of the socialist regime. I think we were the first company from the country that really from scratch and in only 5 short years managed to expand so fast and change the lives of so many people.

  3.     What are core businesses of P World?Well our initial idea was to do events and we are doing this very successfully and as time went by people saw the quality of our work, especially our PR expertise and they started hiring us to do PR for them. We did a great project for the government of Azerbaijan. We had a great project with Mila Jovovich. We were even approached to do a big PR project for the Trump Family which did not happen at the end but you know it is a good feeling when it is 9 pm and you are sitting in your pajamas at home and suddenly you get a call from the Trump office and they tell you that they heard about your work. I think this was the first time I realized the magnitude of things that we are doing.
  4.     Your, P World, agency is not primarily focused on EX-Yu? Why is that so? Do you find EX-Yu region not developed enough?We are focused on the region. Maybe not the extent that we were four years ago but the Balkan region is still very important for us. We actually organized most of our first big events in the region. We were the first ones to bring Facebook and Google to the region. We had a Facebook speaker at our Marketing Kingdom events in Zagreb and Belgrade. Our HR Summit is still the region’s most innovative international HR event and we are currently planning the 5th edition of our regional Marketing Kingdom conference which will take place in Zagreb next year. And, our first ever event was held in Serbia so yes, the region still holds a very special place in our hearts.

  5.      We were reporting on your breakthrough event in Iran last year. Could you share some experiences from Tehran?You know Tehran is one of the world’s most fascinating cities. It is veiled in mystery but once you go there you realize that there is nothing mysterious about this place. The food is amazing, people are amazing and they are hungry for knowledge. Going up on that stage at the Shahid Beheshti University Hall in Tehran to open our Global Marketing Summit is truly the most iconic moment of my professional career. To think that a company from Macedonia is organizing the country’s first ever international marketing event is just mind blowing. We are going back to Tehran next month when we are organizing the country’s first ever international HR event. With time, Iran has definitely become my favorite country to visit.

  6.      Beside P World, you occasionally write for Huffington Post as well? How do you find time to cover everything?I am so blessed to have the opportunity to write for Huffington Post. It is a platform that gives you the opportunity to share your views with millions. I am not obliged to write anything so I usually post when I feel inspired by some international event, I learn something new or I simply want to express my views on a certain issue. I love the platform.

  7.      How do you assess general marketing practices in Macedonia and Balkans?We are not behind at all. We have some amazing creative minds here and we are definitely not just following the trends but also creating them. I think the problems with us is that we have very Balkan way of thinking. We think we are small and we cannot change things and that what we do is insignificant but the truth is that we are really smart, energetic and innovative. As a region we know how to work under pressure and in the global business world that counts a lot!
  8.      Do you like what you are doing? What is your motto/motive behind?There are days when I love what I am doing and there are days when I am asking myself- why am I doing this?! J As a global business we are affected by everything that is happening in the world- from terrorist attacks to oil prices going down and devaluation so sometimes it can get really stressful. My moto in life is there is a thin line between not giving up and being stubborn so I try very hard on daily basis to decide what things I should let go of and what things I should keep fighting for.

  9.      How do you manage to be on so many places and to work with so many people at the very same time?I have an amazing team of colleagues that make the impossible possible and we have over 500 partners around the world. Events is all about team work and we have really formed great partnership with some amazing companies around the world that not just make my life easier but also make me feel blessed because I have the opportunity to do what I really love to do.

  10.      Could you eventually reveal what is the newest that is cooking in P World’s kitchen?Well we are just sending to print our first book – the Little Black Book of PR which is going to be published on 30th September ( We are really proud of it because it is the first ever book on PR written by practitioners for practitioners. We are also entering North America this year, first with an event in Canada and next Spring with an event in Las Vegas. And finally, this September,  after  five years, we are bringing our Marketing Kingdom conference to Skopje to celebrate five years of changing reality. These are really exciting times for us and I am so proud of my whole team.

We wish Kosta Petrov, P World Agency and their newest The Little Black Book of PR tone of success and great spirit for writing astonishing stories. We will definitely keep an eye and watch closely what is coming out of Skopje based agency. Hereby I thank Mr Kosta Petrov for his time and willingness to share some pieces of invaluable information with wider marketing public.

More interesting articles on the way. Stay tuned.
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