To be honest, I strongly doubt that any of you (addressing male portion of readers) have missed football managers revelation named Top Eleven. The super popular and world-wide spread game has been developed and launched by Belgrade based start-up Nordeus. As a strawberry on the top, Jose Mourinho promoting it. By some portals, it is far the most popular sport game in the world. But lets take a breath and take this kind of claims with a dose of reserve.

Jose Mourinho and Top Eleven Poster appearing
Anyway, it is a super extraordinary fact that Serbian start-up created and leveraged remarkable success in the recent years, just because of this game. I was stunned when I first time heard that Top Eleven has been developed in Belgrade.

Back on a track. What we found interesting from marketing perspective is the engagement of Jose Murinio to promote it. The guy is one of the most expensive, respected and demanding coach in the World today. We can’t even imagine how loud Jose’s bank count can get when it comes to business like this. And what sort of compromise guys from Nordeus had to pull out of the pocket, but results are very visible.  Top Eleven has more than 130 million active users worldwide. There we are.

Nordeus team together with Jose Mourinho prepared a new edition of Top Eleven coming out in 2016. Here is the promo video with Jose appearing.

In closing, I have to admit that I admire people from Nordeus for everything what they did and keep doing. It is the practice like this that should ignite start-up philosophy and thinking out-of-the-box thinking. Not to mention the fact that relatively small, random Serbian garage start-up manage to employ famous Jose Murinio to deliver their message. It is absolutely outstanding and out of question how important it is indeed.

Once again, Nordeus job very well done. We keep our eyes on you guys.


M- Factor Crew