Croats have won a Lion in Cannes! This honor went to the agency Imago and its client Agrokor for the water brand Jana. Jana campaign about two storks Malena and Klepetan won the bronze Lion at Cannes Lions. This is the most significant creative advertising festival in the world. The prestigious lion statue, that had never been awarded before to any campaign in Croatia, was given in the category Branded Content & Visual Storytelling (Live Broadcast / Live Streaming). A love story about Malena and Klepetan brought the statue to Croatia.

The campaign featuring two storks and the main message “Just love” (#samoljubav) delighted the Croatian public this spring. Soon after it amazed the Cannes Lions festival judges. This year in Cannes, more than 43.000 applications from the world were received. The competition was high. Winning the prize was truly a remarkable success. Even though domestic agencies won awards at worldwide competitions, nobody came close to the prize that is the object of desire for anyone working in the advertising industry.

Media Marketing recently published a story on how the whole campaign was made. We are highly recommending to our readers to check it out on the following link. The inspiration is guaranteed.

“Great visions create great ideas, and great ideas create great deeds” said Darko Bosnar, Art&Innovation Director from Imago Ogilvy agency.

Jana water with a message of love is a brand that should serve as a role model in the region. The award is the result of a mixture of hard work, creativity, inspiration and love. As Agrokor wrote on their official website: “..the story of Malena and Klepetan had two happy endings this year- Klepetan returning to Malena and Jana and Imago winning the most prestigious award in the world.

We are congratulating for an outstanding success and looking forward to more happy endings.