Quite a long title, however of extraordinary importance. I have got this idea to actually check how top Balkan’s universities are doing when it comes to following trends, updating  and adjusting their curriculum with Internet Marketing.  Today I am going to briefly go through Serbian top 5 state institution to check if they academically consider Internet marketing at all, and if yes in what extent. Following information are being extracted from institution’s publicly available publications.
Internet Marketing Serbia Academia

  1. Faculty of Economics / University of Niš – First on the list comes from personal experience. Of course, Marketing specialization as such exists with general subjects like Consumer behaviour, Marketing essentials, Marketing channels, Marketing communications, International marketing etc. However the closest you get to term internet marketing is within Marketing channels’ sub topic – Electronic marketing channels. That is absolutely all. Complete neglecting of burning-hot topic of marketing performed online. To be honest the reason that is my back wind hereby was my recent discussion with Marketing’s professor on this faculty where he stated: “We give our best to catch up, constantly”.  I am just wondering what would be results if they would not strive to catch up that severely. Internet Marketing Serbia Academia
  2. Faculty of Economics / University of Belgrade – The biggest and most influential state academic institution within economic sciences. There are to “copy-paste” style specialization that come into connection with marketing (Marketing; Trade management and Marketing). Absolutely same curriculum observed through marketing prism. First study year runs without marketing courses at all. Starting from 3rd semester there are elective courses like Marketing essentials, Marketing channels, Service marketing etc. However, not a single time I saw term internet marketing or anything closely related. Devastating. It seems that specialization’s curriculums have not been subject to changes for a while. Very disappointing.Internet Marketing Serbia Academia
  3. Faculty of Economics / University of Novi Sad – University of Novi Sad has two Faculties of Economics – one in Subotica and another one logically in Novi Sad. Both of them have Marketing specialization with more or less curriculum seen as elsewhere in Serbia. But, they gradually introduced two courses which tackle marketing online in some way. Those are Electronic CRM and  Contemporary marketing issues. At least, they did something to bring more actual information  to the students. Thumbs up.Internet Marketing Serbia Academia
  4. Faculty of Economics / University of Kragujevac – Unfortunately there is no evidence of any purposeful action taken in order to introduce internet marketing course at all. Marketing specialization exists strongly bonded to classical courses like Market communications, Consumer behaviour, Marketing researches, Service marketing etc. All in all hard-core theoretical framework which does not provide actual insights to students.Internet Marketing Serbia Academia

All in all, academic scenery (when it comes to state institutions) is very rather disappointing. Complete open neglecting of online marketing and its significant role it has is further going to lead to even bigger gap between theoretical framework and on-going practices. The biggest sacrifice and burden are going to be covered by students, coming out as bachelors completely unattached from the terms like SEO, AdWords etc and real marketing world. Not to mention that such a practice will not lead to any academic progress any time soon.