Although we are in a second decade of 21st century, many companies, state bodies and individuals act as we are stuck in the 90s (remarkably applicable on Serbian enterprises, with some of them doing a great internet marketing). This led me to come up with a short list on what areas we must pay more attention in the future.

Internet Marketing illustrationHereby I do not tend to come up with break-through internet marketing ideas, concepts or solutions – I am just willing to list down invaluable pieces of information which I came upon my academic and practical career.

  1. What is ROI coming from online marketing?
    At the end of the month shares, likes, tweets, retweets etc. are not going to cover your bills. You have to measure the impact internet marketing has on your business. It is though to measure, but not impossible. Must to do.
  2. Micro targeting is becoming increasingly important
    The main reason behind this is strong up-slope trend of “pay-per-click” campaigns, especially on Facebook.  Moreover, this increasing cost pushes marketers to think multiple times who their potential customers are.
  3. Mobile marketing
    It goes without saying the importance of smart phones in nowadays life. Therefore, marketers would have to dedicate big portion of resources to make web-platforms mobile friendly and plan their campaigns accordingly.
  4. Video and story-telling
    This is very clear and straight forward. Anyway, average individual has less and less time for extensive readings (not to mention amount of spam), therefore video story telling comes as a perfect supplement. Especially because it increases credibility, user friendliness and reliability of the publisher. It comes at a cost, of course.
  5. Link building
    Google and other search engines do still focus and base their searches on good and reliable links. You should pay your utmost attention to manage credible links to your web-site. If you manage this essential part of inbound marketing, half of your job is done. Nobody said its easy. 🙂
  6. Minor SEO mistakes – disastrous consequences
    If your web-page suffers from insufficient SEO, literally “keywords cannibalism” is going to eat you alive. If you are not sure about all novelties SEO brings to you, better pay some freelancer who is going cover this vulnerable inbound marketing sphere.
  7. Think and act globally
    This is not just one more overused phrase but it is rather necessity in 21st century. Think more profound about it. Amazon competes every single library in the World, same for UBER etc. Think twice how to draw positive association with your brand. In internet era is easier than ever. Or?
  8. E-mail marketing is dead. Oh wait?
    Yes, it seemed that few years back majority of online marketers and engineers wrote of e-mail as a tool to reach new clients. But, they were wrong. E-mail is still the cheapest and very convenient tool for reaching remarkable amount of individuals (beside free of charge feature fo Messenger, Viber, Whatsup etc).

This list is far from exhaustive, I felt free to come up with these 9 concepts/ideas that should be covered from marketers standpoint.

In closing, I am bringing you some of the examples (which might be listed under Internet Marketing concept) from Balkans that draw my attention so far.

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We frankly hope you found these useful. Feel free to share further. For more insights visit us regularly. All in all, if you want to get some useful tips from insiders check this article > Top 6 Internet Marketers in Serbia