Today, we are coming up with a news about an inspiring and ice breaker event in Serbia  – Southeast Europe Aviation Summit (13-14 of December). For the first time in Balkans, in Belgrade. Through prism of our blog thematic, we pay special tribute announcing the panel which is to cover importance of Internet Marketing in sales and customer relationship management in aviation industry.

internet marketing balkan saes

All information about the summit itself, agenda, fees and registration, visiting and keynote speakers you can retrieve here. Organizers promise very good vibes and insider aviation news throughout these two days. Having said that, list of speakers speaks for itself. Full-stop.

Internet Marketing Panel on SAES 2016

Internet Marketing panel itself has been originally scheduled for 13th of December from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The venue of the summit and hereafter panel in question is at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belgrade – Serbia. Registration for event is possible here.internet marketing balkan

The moderator of this super interesting internet marketing panel is going to be Ivan Jakovljević (head of finance and travel department in Google). Highly renowned direct participants of panel are: Justin Warby (VP direct sales in Etihad), Ivan Rečević (cofounder of Gaia consulting) and Veljko Ristić (head of sales department in Air Serbia).

It is indeed great pleasure to see aviation and marketing experts at one place discussing ultra hot topics these days. Needless to mention how much this region lacks this kind of events and panels. Furthermore, it encourages us seeing that internet marketing is finally taking its proper place in different contexts and businesses (although from academic standpoint it is fully neglected: Internet Marketing on Serbian Universities). A top of all, this is all happening in Serbia, Balkan, one of the most underdeveloped states in Europe.

Internet Marketing Driven Sales and Bookings in Aviation

More than one third of sales has been generated via online chanels of sales. Throughout the panel specific methods, tools and techniques are to be elaboreted in order for companies to attract more customers and guests via mobile devices, videos, social media etc.

Petar Vojinović – Editor at TangoSix and Summit Director

pwc Chicago came up with interesting case study, whereby stating that internet sales is to be booming in next for years at an extraordinary pace (likewise aviation).  Moreover, focus on internet and mobile marketing is a cornerstone of any marketing activity in the near future.

ll in all, Tango Six and SAES crews need to be admired for what they are doing and people they are bringing to convey to us modern internet marketing techniques for sales in aviation, and their standpoints toward topic in question. Moreover, composing knowledge hub in Belgrade which other companies and institutions so desperately need in the region. Long run extremely perspective event, which however needs our support to kick off successfully.

Unfortunately, there is no online stream provided for the wider public (for this specific panel). We hope organizing crew will do their best to deliver some content after the event itself takes place.

Official online points of contact:

We will keep an eye on the event and come up with a follow up story accordingly.

All the best,
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