It was not that long time ago when I was inquiring and researching the state of internet marketing in academia. To be more specific its curriculum and syllabus aspects in Serbian top state funded universities. For further reference you are free to check my respective article here. Anyway, together with two amazing colleagues and people, we succeed to lunch Internet Marketing Basics course, at the Faculty I am currently PhD student of.

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As already mentioned, for a while I was checking if it is and in what extent modern marketing approaches  represented in contemporary studies and academia in general. Observing the Serbian context for instance, situation is fairly disappointing and marketing courses-curriculum are usually very out-dated and you guess – no mentions of Internet Marketing as such. Yeap, we are talking about 21st century.

Since the fact that good number of years I live and study in Czech Republic  (whereby I finished my MSc studies and rolled out my PhD) I noted that my current institution lacks this sort of course as well. The course that will tackle Internet Marketing in separate context. Together with two of my PhD colleagues Ing Hana Demelová & Ing Kristýna Böhmová, we managed to convince head of department and our mentor to go for this course. Hereby we thank them for trust, understandings and strong will to support us throughout the process of course introduction.

In it’s essence, this is how Internet Marketing Basics course was born and had it first appearance, at least in Czech Republic. Moreover this is its very initial edition, subject to changes in the future. Internet Marketing Basics (course code: MPH/ZIMA)

We are well aware that the internet marketing industry is extraordinary dynamic and it develops itself on tremendous pace. Therefore we thought that these developments must be translated into academia and students, in order not to be left behind and de-attached from internet reality.

Hereby, I would like to thank my mentor: Ing Alena Klapalova PhD, our head of department of Corporate Economics: Petr Suchanek PhD and all colleagues for contributions in no matter what extent. We are going to keep up and do our best to deliver high quality content.
A top of all I must admit that I felt inspired by Nataša Krstić, who wrote this book: Terms used in digital marketing. The first one ever to be published from academic standpoint in Balkans.
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