Fairly massive title, but even more massive importance stands behind the question it poses. Namely, few month ago I did analyse state of Internet Marketing in Serbian academia. Hereby I am going to analyse and dig a bit deeper into Montenegrin understanding of Internet marketing and how it is represented in official curriculum.

The only state-funded university in Montenegro (according to responsible ministry) is obviously, University of Montenegro, based in Podgorica – the capital. Faculty of Economics in Podgorica is one of the crucial parts of aforementioned institution.

Internet Marketing

  1. On bachelor studies there is a specialization related to general Marketing existing. Following marketing concepts and subjects are listed as mandatory: Marketing Basics, Partner Marketing, Political Marketing, Service Marketing, SME Marketing, Strategic Marketing and International Marketing. As you are able to conclude no visible signs of Internet Marketing.  Only places where something in relation with internet marketing and context of 21st century have been mentioned are within Marketing basics (chapter of “New era of Marketing”), and surprisingly enough the whole subject of Internet technologies and e-business. Material for the later one is available here. However the course (Internet technologies and e-business) is more business based and only partially takes into consideration Internet Marketing (sub-chapter: E-Marketing – Way to communicate and promote online).
  2. Master level – no info available online.
  3. PhD level – no info available online.

When it comes to privately owned institutions I took into consideration following ones:

  1.  Montenegro Business School: Available to study in English and there is course of E-Marketing (which I presume is equivalent to Internet Marketing as such). However, no info on curriculum of a given course.Internet Marketing
  2. Faculty for Business Management: No info available online.Internet Marketing

On the other side, there are only two schools dealing with marketing management to some extent. Out of those two only one, Montenegro Business School, has dedicated course solely to the concept of Internet Marketing. Thumbs up for that. However, I will contact the institution itself to provide us with some more info about it.

All in all, when it comes to the state backed institution it is rather very obvious trend of rigid neglecting of online marketing. There is some traces of it, but nothing well organized and in line with current marketing trends whatsoever. One more time we see that lack of pro-activity in academia pushes student further away from marketing industry. Exactly the same situation is around the corner, in Serbia.

In closing, I must admit that reality in academia sharply corresponds to my initial fears that neither internet marketing exists on majority of schools nor it is announced to be introduced soon. Two not encouraging realities. It is very sad to see how academia and students are slowly but surely losing pace and rhythm which must be kept.

Why am I researching Internet Marketing curriculum at all?

Recently I took part in a project which aim was to launch Internet Marketing at my own university. Together with two colleagues of mine we made out completely new course whit curriculum that covers most important concepts of online and e-marketing. Therefore I consider myself to a certain extent responsible to spread a word and impose pressure in order such a courses to be replicated in Balkans. More on the course itself: Internet Marketing Basics – Kicks off in Academia.

There is this funny pic representing the understanding of internet when ordinary youngster being asked.

Internet Marketing

What are your thoughts on this topic? Why do you think it takes so long for our Balkan’ schools to actively seek opportunities?

Interesting insights in problems of internet promotion and advertising in Montenegro: How much does Montenegro promote on internet?

Feel free to share your thoughts, links, comments and thanks for reading.

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