The pictures most famous social network nowadays, Instagram, have got into advertising waters recently. Instagram advertising has been introduced firstly in some of the most developed and advanced advertising markets (e.g. USA, Germany, UK etc.) and gradually spread its services to variety of countries and regions. Good news is, Balkan is their next stop, to be more specific Serbia this time. It is now official that advertising on Instagram is available in Serbia.


In case you have spent last few years on the Moon and not aware of social network existence, Instagram is social network and medium that mostly targets younger individuals while using their mobile devices (e.g. phones, tablets etc). Last month it achieved remarkable milestone of four million individual profiles online. And by doing that, Instagram furiously overran Twitter and takes second place on the popularity list (behind Facebook).

So let’s have a look what Instagram offers when it comes to advertise your business.

  1. Image AdImage Ad is the simplest way to advertise where complete focus is on the picture. Picture is of course linked to the landing page or intended place.
  2. imagesVideo Ad

    A bit of novelty to, technical features are the same as for Image Ad with addition that maximal video length must not exceed 30 seconds.
    .video ad
  3. Carousel AdThis ad format is similar to Facebook one. User can go through previously prepared group of pictures (group of 3 up to 5 images).carousel ad

In closing, what sort of effects you might expect from Instagram advertising?

Literally, all the same as you would advertise with any other social network. Of course if it comes to the point you are going to advertise with this particular one, pay attention that it is very favourable within youngster. Some of the goals proclaimed by Instagram itself are clicks to website, mass awareness, video news etc.

If more interested in advertising possibilites on Instagram you can have a look onto this video.

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