If I said that new times bring new tools, I would be perfectly right, however nothing new I can come up related to marketing in the region. According to my opinion this might be the case with Influence MarketingInfluence Marketing got the momentum lately with development of internet and further with development of social media. How does this form of marketing stands in Serbia? Serbian-Finish startup Fragrance by Me gave us all a lesson and shown us some new interesting tools to use.

Influence Marketing fragrance by me

What is Fragrance By Me?

It is a Finish-Serbian start up project which intends to strike45 billion worth fragrance industry. Project has been started by Uroš Brkić and Outi Ortiz. What distincts this idea from the rest of the industry is the name itself – Fragrance by Me (hereby FbM). One simple visit to a website gives you immediate opportunity to create his or her very own fragrance. At this point, target markets are North America and UK with specifically B2B development. More on how the system works you can see by checking the website.

Concept of Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

Basically, this form of marketing is focusing on key individuals who have some sort of power or influence over the original target group of the company. In a way influencer plays as a middleman between company and the market. Of course, influencers are being placed to create and disseminate buzz. Nowadays, influencers are most of the time bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities, etc. As a concept, this approach is nothing new, it exists from the earliest stage of human development, but it is being expanded and developed with the support of social media.

Influence Marketing

If you get interested in the topic, I strongly recommend you to have a look here, or read the following: Dragan Varagić. Zverko, Sandra Simonović, Dragana Đermanović or globally Ronsela, InkyBee, Forbes, SocialMediaToday, etc. We hope you will enjoy.

Influence Marketing in Service of Fragrance by Me

As already mentioned, FbM, is getting into lucrative and highly competitive fragrance industry. Many well established players are there for years, better to say – decades. Question is how to create a vibe in a pool which is already very saturated. OK, new concept of creating fragrances. But this might not be enough. New approach is needed. The approach that will deliver message effectively, timely and in line with the values FbM promotes.

FbM team came up with an idea to deploy individuals-bloggers  in order to promote their fragrances and the whole concept of how FbM works. Ok, this might sound easy but…

First of all, team had to decide which markets are their first target, than had to scan potential bloggers, contact them, work out the campaign and a top of all – by being uncertain if it will work at all. However, more than 40 beauty bloggers have been engaged in the campaign. Tremendous number of articles, testimonials and materials have been deliberately created in order to raise awareness of the company and promote their e-platform.

Influence Marketing fragrance by me

Influencers received their own created fragrances for free. In return they had to write-create-spread content with a positive sentiment behind. And it went quite well. After a while even other bloggers (that were not initially included) contacted FbM team asking for cooperation.

Fragrance By Me’s Campaign in a Nutshell

This case is one of the most serious pieces of influence marketing we have/are witnessing in Balkans (although it is not targeting users in this region). Some of the greatest features of this campaign I would some up below:

  1. Very careful selection of bloggers (content, prospect and reach wise) who are about to promote company. Company picked bloggers and v-bloggers who are communicating with company’s target group the most. Selection done not by pure number of followers or likes but the credibility of the given person for their brand. Lesson number one when it comes to influence marketing.
  2. Remember Word of Mouth Marketing and its full appearance in Mostar? In this case, tremendous Word of Mouth has been triggered in only few months leading to even greater buzz and virality of the concept. As you recalled – Word of Mouth Marketing is far the hardest form of marketing to manage. And in this case they did/are doing it great.  Thumbs up.
  3. Local beauty bloggers and v-bloggers neglected. It is up to certain point logical, but I found it necessary to step into local market in the same fashion and show that it matters. For two reasons. Firstly, locals will see company cares about them and secondly, company will create tighter relations with their home country buyers.
  4. Basically there are five known subforms of Influence Marketing: Advocat, Ambassador, Citizen, Celebrity and Professional Occupation. FbM picked the last one (professional occupation) as a most suitable obviously for them. I think that Ambassador is more suitable and reliable for many reasons. One of the most important because it is based on mutual two endorsement between FbM and bloggers. But this is just a raw thought.

Influence Marketing Examples on Social Media

Few examples you can see below on how system works in practice and the way how influencers in different areas might be used to draw more attention to some products, events, actions, etc.

Some of you might say that these are pure Word of Mouth vibes, but we will come to that one in following articles.

What do you think about this form of marketing? How often do you find exposed to this kind of articles, posts, etc?

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