Although the news behind this article is not brand new, I thought it might be of your interest to go briefly through YUGO Challenge 2014, and decide upon reading if its worth covering or not. It goes rather without saying that so-called “marketing excursion” that has been performed and directed by six Slovenian students, attracted abundance of regional media coverage. The idea behind the project is to get familiar with the successful practices, most influential marketing players and extraordinary marketing efforts in the ex-yu region.

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YUGO Challenge 2014

Beside this strictly “formal” purpose of the project, I do strongly believe that “informal” element of the tour prevailed which made this story even more successful and notable.

Namely, six Slovenians decided to start their journey in Ljubljana and finish it in Skopje on the other edge of the area which was previously known as Yugoslavia. Time frame for the whole project to be done was within one month, to be more specific September 2014. Throughout the tour they were visiting distinguished marketing agencies, companies and marketing individuals in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Kotor, Budva, Ohrid, Skopje etc. Some of the places they have visited: KHL Medveščak, Agencija Bruketa&ŽInić, Rimac Automotive, Agrokor, Grand Coffee, Nordeus, New Moment, TV Pink, Vip Mobile, Shift Brand Design, Mercator and many others.

The project itself was supported and funded by numerous sponsors, beside all, by Slovenian Marketing Society. As a closing vanue so-called “Putopisno predavanje” has been organised in November where all major facts, conclusions, information and advices have been summed up for a brief presentation.

All in all, such a project has not been seen and performed in the region so far. We frankly hope that this “excursion” is going to take place in the on-going year with different companies to pay a visit. M – Factor crew is going to keep an eye on the story development and will further keep you notifed hereby.

Please find enclosed some of the pictures which were taken prior and during the journey.

YUGO Challenge 2014 team.

yugo challenge 2014

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