There is no better time of the year but holiday time. And this states for both, the customers and all those brands that are collided in attempt to reach their place under the stars. Everyone would like to get its own piece of holiday cake by creating campaigns that will bring success. This is how we get to holiday marketing.

Companies have always tried to find the best ways to approach to their customers. Besides standard procedures, there have always been those secret spells that make things easier than they seem. Some of the holiday marketing tips were represented by and we are listing them for M-Factor readers:

  1. Building a buzz about the brand on time (not the day before holiday!). This might come as announcement and any communication tool can be used. The purpose of it is to induce traffic and keep the interest.
  2. The company’s logo should have its own holiday outfit. This is a way of engagement and compassion with brand’s customer. Moreover, it is a way to present brand’s personality.
  3. Involving the audience builds trust and initiates interaction between customer and a brand.
  4. Showing the audience how the company celebrates the holiday can increase the attractiveness of a brand and contribute to the holiday spirit.
  5. Sending a greeting card via email or mail is one step closer to the lifelong relationship with customer. It is not possible to get wrong with it.
  6. Being easy to share increases the potential of word- of- mouth and peer recommendation.

As per M-Factor, there is no better way to celebrate the holiday than by giving a holiday marketing tips (while eating cookies, we admit). Therefore, we would like to wish you the happiest Easter holidays, tasty food, sweet cookies and unforgettable time!

Cheers to the Balkans and the world! Let it be a holiday!

Holiday Marketing