Sadly, Crew did not get the free “blogger-tickets” for the extraordinary event that has just been finished. You all know, Spark.Me conference just took off and landed for the third time. We have reported on the story developments in the recent months. For a rewind you are free to click exactly here.


Spark.Me official logo

However, organisational committee of the event managed to bring some very delighted experts in their fields to the venue. Full list of the participants is of course available online. Now all of us who were not that happy to attend the conference, are awaiting the materials, articles and proceedings in order to gain some of the Montenegrin coastal spirit.

If anyone of you would like to check official social web sites of the event hereby we are listing them for you so you do not have to waste your time googling for them.          Facebook           Twitter              YouTube

In continuation, I must express optimism of attending the conference next year and to check the amazing work Domain.Me does from organisational aspect. Moreover I am going to sum up some of the most interesting tweets, pictures etc from what could be found online. Enjoy and stay tuned.

One of the articles that covered the event is coming from local news portal Vijesti. Furthermore DigitalizujMe portal summed up the conclusions after the first conference day.

And here you could even find official Spark.Me playlist that has been playing during the breaks.