After few months of persistent and dedicated digging up for creative, unique and commercials that symbolize one era, I do find it appropriate to make a brief summary and shortlist (9 Stories You Liked the Most) some of those advertisements that have been mostly seen on our blog by you guys (within M – Rewind section).

9 Stories You Liked the Most

Hereby are top 10 visited articles according to our stats:

  1. Everybody Needs a YUGO Sometime! – YUGO commercials

Brief story about YUGO performance on USA soil and background info about the commercial itself.

2. Vintage JAT – JAT Poster

The year of the poster is rather unknown. Good old airliner.

3. Message in the Picture – Zastava 101 Commercial

Another commercial for the car that does not flow out from assembly lines.

4. Oldies but Goldies – Cockta advertisements

One of the oldest Cockta TV commercial in ex Yu.

5. I don’t Want to Grow Up – Plazma Cookies Promo

Commercials for famous Plazma cookies.

6. Sarajevo ’84 – Winter Olympic Games Promo

Promo campaigns for the event that made Yugoslavia hub of the World.

7. The Very First Yugoslavian TV Ad – Kaladont Commercials

The title said all that needs to be mentioned. You are very welcome to check out this piece of art all back from 1926.

8. Growing up… – Eurokrem Commercials

Commercial for widely used and well-known Eurokrem.

9. Just go to Italy, and Turn Right – Yugoslavia Tourist Commercials

Stunning pieces of invaluable importance for marketing in Balkans.

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