The winter has settled down (at least for inhabitants of the north latitude) and it retrieves the memories of snow, family time, holidays and snuggling up. If you combine this with the boost of social media you get desktops packed with winter motives, songs and videos, perfectly wrapped in a shiny paper and served to the target audience with a smell of apple and cinnamon. This time of year can be wisely used by advertisers and marketers presenting the best way to make the winter a memorable one. And today, we are raising a glass for those who have succeeded. This one goes to Slovenia.

As usual, we do have an example to show you the perfect blending of satisfying winter-time-cravings and social media potential. This is a recipe for an innovative marketing campaign, based solely on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+ and Instagram. For the purpose of being consistent, let’s set up our calendars 2 years back. The winter story takes place in Slovenia. More precisely, this story indeed is about Slovenia, the country with more than 45 ski resorts, state-of-the-art spa and wellness facilities, diverse wildlife and a vast range of winter events. All these make it a heaven for “snow persons”.


The Slovenian Tourist Board, in December 2012 launched a social media campaign to promote winter in Slovenia. They invited people to follow #WintersLOVEnia and #ifeelsLOVEnia and moreover, to share their own experiences. This strategy satisfied some of the key points of marketing:

  1. Reaching large number of people via social networks, e.g. picking the fruits of viral magic and
  2. Engaging targeted audience and including them directly in the campaign, thus making them feel they are participating and showing them that their voice matters.

The campaign could be followed at Slovenian Tourist Board Social Media Accounts:

The results were remarkable. The campaign had 1.5 million impressions, reached more than 400.000 twitter users and generated more than 1.500 tweets. And the most important part, it did provide a fairy- tale winter holidays for those who hit to road straight to Slovenia.

This campaign seems to be so simple, but yet a successful example of how word of mouth is easily spread when the right moves are made. Slovenian Tourist Board and their followers created a memorable narrative about the winter in Slovenia. Try to search for your own winter dream in their promo video:

If you haven’t found your perfect fit for this winter season, we suggest you not to stop dreaming. In a meantime, M-Factor team wish you a cup of hot chocolate, cold snow, warm sweaters and bright light. For marketing enthusiasts we add some marketing miracles to the mixture.

Happy Winter and thumbs up for Slovenia!

All rights reserved by the Slovenian Tourist Board.