By D.Mladenović & Anida Krajina
Brno, Czech Republic

We would like to use this chance to frankly thank you for being with us throughout tempting and extremely challenging 2015. Moreover we hope all the following are going to be as much successfully as the ongoing one was.


Although we are giving our best to deliver updated and relevant content we are well aware that sometimes we are not succeeding. However for 2016, we promise new website, refurbished design, new sections and more visiting conferences.

To round-up this 2015 we prepared some stats for your further reference.

  1. We have recorded exactly 45008 page loads from in time span from January up until December of 2015;
  2. Moreover, 23660 unique visitors in 2015;
  3. 150 marketing based articles, 55 M-Factor of the Week articles, 64 M-Rewind articles etc.
  4. Top 10 countries we recorded the most traffic from: Serbia, Czech Republic, Bosnia & Herzegovina, USA, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Poland and France etc.

All in all these modest statistics rounds off M-Factor 2015. Thank you for following our work, it really means a lot to us.

Wherever you are in the world tonight 
have a safe, happy and memorable New Year
See you in 2016!