It is with genuine pleasure for both of us to wish you very best occasions and events in New Year. It goes without saying that health or overall well-being is priority number 1, underlined. Moreover, we frankly hope that 2015th is going to further bring more prosperity, progress and overall tolerance and understanding to all of us.

As always, at the end of the year it is “unwritten” rule to some up briefly the achievements from the year that is going to come to an end very soon. Altough M – Factor itself is fairly new blog (three months of existence) we succeeded gradually to attract all those of you who really appreciate remarkable, unique and creative marketing stories and examples from our region. We tried and we are going to strive to come up with the effective marketing examples which might bring you closer marketing idea and to be funny and interesting at the same time. Of course, this is not even a promil of what we are expecting to achieve in the following period.
Worth mentioning are the challenges we are facing on daily basis. First one goes together with our full-time jobs that we have which are limiting us severely from putting even more effort into the blog. Secondly, former Yugoslav states are highly underdeveloped (an unfortunate fact), which automatically limits room for marketing as an industry.

For these very first months, several hundreds of unique visits have been registered with couple of thousands page loads thereafter following. All in all not even bad for such a pioneering project. Listed hereby you could have a brief „top3“ overview of the most loaded articles/pages within M – Factor of the Week, M – Rewind and M – Factor General Articles.

M – Factor of the Week
1. Guerilla With a Style
2. Sexy and Catchy – Vip Mobile
3. Epic Fail or Brave Ingenuity?

M – Rewind
1. The American Worst Car Ever
2. Growing up…
3. Sarajevo ’84

M – Factor General Articles
1. The Future is Neuromarketing
2. Commercial That Left us Speachless
3. The Magic Behind the Scenes

The most viewed article so far is Drama on Belgrade’s Streets written by D. Mladenović on 18th of December.

Thank you very much for trusting us and let the coming year be even more successful.

M – Factor Crew