There is no better way to shake up public but introducing the guerrilla campaign that will make the people wonder what is actually going on. The scenario signed by Via Media, under the (financial) support of Reform Agenda 2015-2018 had the aim to do so. The idea was stunning and overall unusual, especially in the fairly controversial Balkans.

Citizens of Sarajevo, Bihac, Mostar and Tuzla were shocked a month ago by tractors and sewing machines in chains with a printed slogan Let’s take off the chains. The same slogan showed up on billboards, in media, on social networks but it took some time until the public realized what it was about.

The slogan merely represents a campaign for the movement by Reform Agenda. More precisely, it is an attempt to alert citizens that it is time for economic and social recovery of Bosnia and Herzegovina through the implementation of economic reforms suggested. Therefore, literally, the campaign advocates taking of the chains from Bosnian and Herzegovinian economy and fostering the consumption of national brands.

The campaign went even further. When tractors and sewing machines had become an old trick already, the chained doors appeared. Thus, Reform Agenda pointed at another problem in the society- nepotism. Translated from Bosnian language, above the open doors there is a headline “Entrance for relatives”, while the chained doors indicate the path for “Everybody else”.

guerilla campaign

It is extraordinary to see this kind of campaign related to questions of high importance in society and therefore we can only congratulate to guys for a catchy idea and hope that the shock will bring the positive outcome. It certainly did create a necessary buzz among citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and went viral quite fast. Via Media, the factory behind this remarkable idea, can take credits for the campaign and proved once again that guerrilla actually works.

Credits for photographs go to Skinimo okove.