More than 20 years ago, the advertisement was filmed for the famous chocolate cream- Eurokrem. We believe that today, there is no a single person in the Balkans who haven’t tried this delicious sweet and recalled childhood memories. It was at least once in your lifetime, that you participated in the everlasting fight called “dark vs. white chocolate”. To show you the infinity of Eurokrem infatuation, we challenge you to try an experiment.
You are travelling from the Balkans to visit an old friend or family member who lives somewhere outside of the hilly peninsula. Let’s say s/he is a student, a young individual who cherish living abroad, but suddenly misses all those “good stuff that are coming from the Balkans”. And you ask him/her: “What shall I bring you?” Yeah, exactly! Go to the first supermarket and buy that red cannikin of an evergreen dark and white combo.

Recalling together: