Environmental issues have been present on the world scene for some time already. Consumers buy green products more and more. This market of green products will magnify over time, reflecting further advancements in design and technology and an expanding range of high-quality green products with trusted brands. Products go hand in hand with marketing; green marketing in this case. So, what is a green marketing?

Green Slovenia

American Marketing Association (AMA) defines green marketing as follows: “Green marketing is marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe.”

The globalization made the world accessible to wide range of people. They can reach information. Generally speaking, people want to get involved in building the new, better world. They recognize need for action and want to do more. Affected by flourishing advertising campaigns related to this issue, they are aware about the certain problems. As far as the green consumer is concerned costumers believe that “being green is shorthand for all things ethical and environmental”. Nevertheless, just being aware is not enough.

Basic question arises: Is there a “typical” green consumer? Yes, they do behave in certain way, trying to do more, but what does that tell to marketers? Observing the behavior can lead to somewhere, but it is just a starting point in the process of understanding. Marketers need to recognize the consumers’ needs and desires and to be as simple as possible and adjust to modern age rush. What would customers buy and why would they buy it are initial questions to start from. When it comes to green marketing, these questions can be even more sensitive.

What if the product is all? And by all, we mean the country. Slovenia is heading to the top of country marketing and branding, cheek to cheek with our star from the previous article.  In recent times Slovenian tourism has started recognizing the challenges brought by the changes in the international market, in both supply and demand – hidden under the term GREEN TOURISM. And yes, they have been doing pretty much a good job. On the web page, they have gathered all information customer needs to explore greening, with several mission statements:

Slovenia goes green.

Slovenia promotes green.

Slovenia is green.

Feel Slovenia

Thumbs up for Slovenia and keep on greening up!