For those who have missed it, last article related to present one talked about generations and how the relevant marketing message should be delivered to each one of them. The article reminder you may find here. Now, I gave you a hint about the most challenging generations of all- Generation X. We will not call them troublemakers (oops), but in the marketing world they are indeed, hard to handle. Therefore, they are a bigger piece of cake marketers strive to get.

The main question that pops up is how to deliver the message in traditional way but through modernized channels? Pretty complicated, is it not?

To start from the scratch, the Generation X, also known as Baby Bust, are individuals born between 1965 and 1977. According to a manuscript that I have recently read, they have many needs and financial restraints, orient towards the value and often need reassurance of their choices. They like initiatives that will make their life easier, meaning practical and useful things. The X-ers are those who appreciate the balance between family and professional life and that is an aspect marketers need to pay attention to. One might wonder where is the challenge when we know what attracts them.

However, marketers should be concerned about the ways, channels to reach the Baby Bust, as the communication can be tough. They need a plenty of information to access, feeling of being involved and information sharing. The scepticism can easily occur when it comes to modern advertising, but they are not running away from direct email, internet, multimedia or word-of-mouth. There was an interesting observance recently, where some authors claimed that Gen X have the highest spending power of all living generations.

To conclude, evaluating and predicting consumer behavior no matter which generation they belong is not an easy job. However, gathering as much information as possible and creating certain patterns can lead marketers to tailoring marketing strategy according to the abstract measures given by the audience. And then, we do have a win- win scenario, indeed.

Market wisely. Stay cool. Differ.