Rather I would have to admit that I have spent hours and hours during these very first festive days in 2015 searching for something unique to come up with. Moreover I have good news which are going to be further elaborated. This time, the engagement of social media is in full focus.

Huge majority of Balkan population are well aware of Serbian pharmaceutical giant Hemofarm that exists from 1960 and delivers high-quality drugs and medicament to the wider region. However since the purpose of this blog is not to routinely repeat well-known and pre structured information we are bringing you an interesting social media engagement sample which caught our attention.

Listed down below are these two videos that show what sort of indoor-outdoor advertisement have been deployed by the Company so far.

Beside standard advertisements, the management decided to use the benefits of so-called social media. Hereby is worth mentioning that this example is one of the very rare (unfortunately) on the Serbian advertising horizon. The overall name of the marketing campaign performed by Hemofarm is “Svako dobro” (literally translated: “All the Best”).

Namely, Facebook page “Svako dobro” has been launched with useful tips, advises and opinions on how to improve your health and how to keep solid mental and physical shape. In no time, page itself exploded, attracting more than 200000 followers. Blasts of visits of over 1000000 per day have been registered at the very end of the year. Furthermore making it one of the fastest growing Facebook fan page ever in Serbia. It is a bit contradictory, since the page is not advertising products or services offered by Hemofarm, instead it became place where you can grab useful advice in order to avoid usage of medicaments. It created relaxed and funny atmosphere/tone that fits well virtual world. For the purpose of appearance on social media and Facebook particularly, Homepage agency have been employed in order to give gentle professional touch to the whole story.

Moreover, additional web site svakodobrou2015.rs has been launched where every one of us could make a greeting card for the actual holiday and simultaneously making it viral. Again, not advertising any product or service.

Furthermore, as overall prize for creativeness and uniqueness for the campaign Hemofarm and Homepage have got the winning gold medal on the annual conference, which was organized by UEPS. We are glad that such an effort has been recognized with appropriate support and media coverage.

All in all, you could simply visit Svako dobro Facebook page and get some extraordinary tips to enhance your well-being.

M – Factor crew frankly hopes that more of such a remarkable stories are going to pop up across the region providing us with a valuable raw material for our work here. Stay tuned.