Zagreb based creative agency Señor, came up and organized indeed interesting and catchy project. Namely, they came up with “Umetnost feedbacka”. The feedback project which covers relations between creative agency and clients. In rather funny way but with a strong and straight message.




The project itself has been recently presented but it is still alive and the materials are available online here. The whole point of program was to collect feedbacks from different agencies and to present them to the wider public, primarily to those of us who are on the other side of the marketing and communication coin (final customers).

According to Vanja Blumenšajn (Creative Director @Señor), feedback is always and always a two way street. Feedback as a concept helps both clients and agencies to reapproach the problem and situation in a proper manner. It is of utmost importance (for the sake of wider marketing and business goals) evaluations and reactions to be as much helpful and as least annoying as possible. Of course, this would be only possible in a perfect marketing world, which ours is not for sure. 😀

Bonus video in relation to the ongoing project which is featured by Lana Baric and Damir Markovina.


Btw, Señor is the winner for the best wine packaking in the Europe for 2016. We reported on that outstanding development in separate article some time ago. For the further reference please check Señor Won the Award for the Best Wine Package.

More information, stories and competition within “Umjetnost feedbacka” project on their official web-page or will keep an eye onto what comes from Señor‘s kitchen in the future.