Our readers may recall the story by FK Željezničar and their tremendous action to bring the Europe to Grbavica, the holy place for Željezničar supporters. In case you need to recall, follow the link to the extraordinary marketing move. Almost a month after the action has officially been closed, we contacted Emir Muhamedagić. Željezničar’s PR and asked him about the outcomes. It turned out to be that European Grbavica is not a dream anymore and with the joint effort by supporters and club lovers, Željo got its European green light.

Emir was willing to share some insights with Balkan Marketing Stories. As of 31st of May 2016 , the action has been closed. The club fulfilled all requirements in accordance with the Regulations of the UEFA Stadium and was formally included in the Category 2. This is a great example how things indeed are possible. The example of Željezničar should serve as a role model of successful marketing campaign with more than a positive outcome. Željezničar’s stadium Grbavica will have to the chance to host matches and second qualifying round of qualifications for the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League. Besides that, there is the option to host international qualifying matches for all national teams, except A selection and A team friendly matches. As the management of Željezničar has reported, this is just a starting step in the investments plan for the renovation of the stadium.

FK Željezničar

FK Željezničar reported that the project Buy a Seat for the European Grbavica has collected 267.951,00 BAM, which is approximately 137.000 Euros. As the project was unique and the first one of this kind in the region, it will not be repeated, at least not in the same manner. The club also provided a full recapitulation of the costs and used financial assets and published it on the official website. The mutual contribution of the club management, supporters, fans and members resulted in a remarkable achievement, not only for the club, but also for the football community in the region.

Stadium Grbavica

From the marketing point of view, the best witness of the good marketing campaign is certainly the outcome and the results seen at the very end. What Željezničar has done is a great combination of the unique idea, good strategy and emotions involvement towards the “brand”. The outstanding result is inevitable. The rest is to congratulate to FK Željezničar and thank to Emir Muhamedagić for his willingness to share his thoughts with Balkan Marketing Stories.

BMS team