When we are talking about the marketing campaign, the first things marketers attempt to enhance are the features of the product. However, is it really enough? Recently, it has been told that emotions and marketing need to be combined.

Truth is that our old brain recognizes needs and contrast and searches for ‘why’ in the usage of an item, if we are talking about the products only. Moreover, if the marketing campaign is related to something different than product, like event, a person, property, etc. the question is if we can rely on the features only. As buyers are people, it is very much certain that people are not rational, but also emotional creatures, where the latter takes over in most of the cases. There is an interesting article in The Guardian that says how marketing is not a rocket science, but neuroscience, meaning that we feel first and think second. The article also explains how provoking emotions and creating touchy campaigns can make the campaign more engaging and effective. To support that, it has been predicted that by 2015 the average person will be exposed to 15.5 hours of content EACH day, so marketers need to work hard to make the content go through all that noise.

To wrap up, the emotional engagement is very much important. If you think simply, delivering campaign that triggers an emotion might do the trick and result in the recognizable brand. Of course, it is not that simple. It takes years and a story. How many times did you hear something like “tell a story to your audience”? Truly, the story is the most powerful tool to arouse emotions, establish bonds and make your audience listen. Authentic stories make brand relatable.


The following is truly the story of a brand which was born in the siege of Sarajevo and has become recognizable not only in the Balkans, but also worldwide. The famous people from the big screens have described their experience in the city that has shared so many hearts so far. Good guess, the story is about Sarajevo Film Festival. Starting from the scratch, Sarajevo Film Festival and Heart of Sarajevo have grew at a remarkable pace, now being synonyms for the most prominent film festival in South- East Europe. SFF marketing crew knew what they were doing and with the extraordinary and original idea by Agnes B, this festival, together with the city has been giving away its hearts for decades already. And what could trigger emotions more than giving away your heart?


The story of the festival can be read at their official web page and M-Factor is showing you the piece of this year’s promotion video. Event marketing at its best with M-Factor carefully following up.